Ghostwriting and copywriting
from Clayton Hester

May I have a word?

If you're not Shakespeare, Keats, or Eliot, that's okay.
You still have great ideas.
You have powerful feelings.
You are inspired.
You just need someone to put it on paper.

  • Copy

  • Tweets

  • Articles

  • Marriage vows

  • Songs

  • Text messages

  • eBooks

  • Greeting cards

  • Sales pitches

  • Screenplays

  • Dialogue

  • The right thing to say when you slide into her DM's 😉

That promposal? From your heart to my keyboard to their heart.That ad? With my help, we'll give 'em something that'll be stuck in their head all day.

Effective communication is worth its weight in gold.
Fortunately, it won't cost you a pretty penny.

This is ghost writing for your life.

There is no problem more vexing, no mystery more unsearchable, no river more worth bridging than the elusive idea floating around in your head. If only you knew how to put it... gahhhh
Together, we'll snatch your idea out of mid-air and put it on a page.

Maybe you need a speech. Maybe you need a poem. Maybe you need to find the right way to reply to your boss.

Let's defeat the blank page. Together.

To have a way with words is to have your way with worlds.


I've been writing as long as I can remember.
The story of my life has been storytelling.
That goes for everything from marketing to literature.
Let me put my lifelong love - this craft of mine - to work for you.
Clayton Hester